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About us

New dimension in air purification

The consumer becomes more critical towards the content of groceries and its packaging. There is a steady decrease in the usage of E numbers in groceries and an increase of sales for organic products, even in supermarkets. Naturally this has far reaching implications for the production, logistics and shelf-live. Besides changes in recipe, the introduction of a complete hygiene track for the overall process from base-material ordering via production and bottling to packaging becomes
evermore important.

Washing hands, protective clothing and cleaning regulations are some of the measures that have become standard for production facilities of foodstuffs in the last few years. An area that has received little attention, is the overall air quality. An enhancement of the air quality in a production facility can have a large impact on improving the shelf-life, taste, colour and thus its profitability.

The implications of air quality are not to be underestimated and because this has been neglected for many years, there is little expertise present within a company or with its advisors.

In short, VIROBUSTER® will allow you to :
  • Safe cooling with purified air
  • Safe drying with purified air
  • Safe bottling with purified air
  • Keeping clean by surrounding the product with purified air
  • Blowing products clean with purified air
  • Keeping micro-organisms isolated with purified air

With these possible results :
  • Prevents cross-contamination of products
  • Prevents yeasts of contaminating end products
  • Longer shelf-life thru lowered microbiological presence
  • Less to no preservatives needed
  • No pasteurization
  • Preservation of freshness, colour and smell without chemical usage
  • Minimal batch-losses with production
  • Provides broader market segmentation
  • Allows export markets further away
  • Improves company profile thru Total-Hygiene-Concept
  • Cleaner machines and conveyer belts
  • Prolongs maintenance intervals for the production fleet.
  • Increased safety for personnel
  • Usage of the installation as needed


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