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Hygiene - A growing challenge

Hygiene is, for the producers of foodstuffs, storage of perishable goods, cattle farming and agriculture, one of the most important factors to pay attention to. This is why there are statutory regulations such as HACCP guidelines for the protection of humans and animals. One of the daily duties of a quality manager is to make sure that the quality of a product
stays warranted by making sure that employees stay disciplined and the overall condition of its production fleet. Here hygiene plays a very important role, but the focus on hygiene can be to narrow. For a total-hygiene-concept several factors must be taken into consideration, such as :

  • Washing hands
  • Clean clothes
  • Clean equipment
  • Clean work surfaces
  • Clean water
  • Clean packaging
  • Clean air
Especially clean air tends to be forgotten, as the quality difference between summertime and wintertime air demonstrates to be an important factor. In the summertime the air is very humid and warm, thus creating an ideal condition for moulds and bacteria to thrive, increasing the chance of products perishing as opposed to wintertime when its cold and

VIROBUSTER® improves air quality with its products and concepts, calling it air-hygiene, and takes the first step into the future.
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