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Strong research for an innovative technology

VIROBUSTER® recognized the growing demand for better air quality in 2002 and started, after preparatory technical research, in 2004 with the development of its products. This was achieved by closely cooperating with national and international institutions and laboratories.

Between 2005 – 2007 VIROBUSTER® closely cooperated with Luwa BV to prove its concept as an practical application by fitting several hospitals with VIROBUSTER® products and validating these products.

After a successful press-introduction in 2008 VIROBUSTER® started marketing its products internationally. It also expanded its market segmentation to include industrial applications for large bakeries, cattle farms, transportation & logistics and agriculture.

In the same year VIROBUSTER® was acquired by the internationally operating JK-Holding from Germany. As a full subsidiary of JK, VIROBUSTER® can utilise the professional research, production and service organisation of the global network.

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