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Indoor Air Quality

Setting the right conditions in IAQ

IAQ can be divided into :

  • Air safety levels
(controlling O2 en CO2 concentrations)

  • Air comfort levels
(temperature control (Co) , humidity (%RH) and draft (m/s))

  • Air quality levels
(governing (dangerous) air particles (dust), pollen (exhaust)fumes and micro-organisms)

Air safety levels are usually determined by legislation (Health and Safety at work Act (UK)) and air comfort levels are well-defined parameters. Air quality levels are known for product
handling influences such as spoilage but its effects on personnel, crops and animals are less-known.
Several studies show that lower microbiological concentrations within spaces increases
the productivity and lowers sick-leave for personnel and even produces stronger and healthier crops and animals.

VIROBUSTER® improves air quality with its products and concepts, calling it airhygiene, and takes the first step into the future.
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