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What is meant by improving air quality or reducing the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in a space? Often its assumed that a high concentration of colony forming units in a space is considered a threat, and is often used as a measure for sampling (CFU testing). However time also plays an important role, because the longer a product is exposed to contaminated air, the higher the chance that a mould can reach a product and cause spoilage. This is the reason why the wrong choices are made, when it comes to applying air-hygiene measures.

By applying VIROBUSTER® concepts, the risks are significantly reduced for the continual spreading of moulds, yeasts and bacteria to products, conveyor belts and machines.

This means :
  • Prevents cross-contamination of products close-by
  • Cultures (yeasts) can be isolated
  • Prolonged shelf-life
  • Discard the usage of preservatives
  • Discard the usage of pasteurization
  • Preservation of freshness, colour and smell without chemical usage
  • Minimal batch-losses with production
  • Provides broader market segmentation
  • Allows export markets further away
  • Improves company profile thru Total-Hygiene-Concept
  • Cleaner machines and conveyer belts
  • Prolongs maintenance intervals for the production fleet.
  • Increased safety for personnel
  • Usage of the installation as needed
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