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Foodindustry and craftsmen

Food manufacturing processes are subject to stringent legal requirements. Because food is perishable, the air quality in the production environment is enormously important. Microorganisms can negatively impact the consistency or taste of a product. Cross-contamination, when microorganisms are transferred from one product to the next, is a particularly crucial factor. Companies whose manufacturing processes are not restricted solely to individual products therefore risk huge rates of perished waste and the ensuing deterioration in the quality of their produce. Bakery, dairy and meat products are just some examples.

When manufacturing bakery products, yeast can easily be transferred to other products, thus reducing their shelf life and possibly prompting customer complaints. Bacteria (starter cultures) from maturing rooms for dairy products are easily transported in the air to other work areas where they impact the quality of the products that are manufactured there.

Manufacturing without preservatives is a sign of quality these days. VIROBUSTER® offers preventive purification that largely eliminates the need for preservatives.

The advantages you gain from VIROBUSTER®
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Starter cultures are contained in their location of use
  • Increased shelf life of your products
  • No need for preservatives
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