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UVPE - Ultra Violet Pathogen Elimination

It has been a well-known fact the UVC light has a sterilizing effect on micro-organisms. UVC light (254nm) causes thymine bridges to be formed in DNA, preventing the duplication of this DNA. This in turn prevents an micro-organism (mould, bacteria or virus) from duplicating and thereby preventing an infection.

Technicians are always asked, how to translate these solutions into an practical application that has the same effect. VIROBUSTER® was the first one to develop this into a standardized form and results-oriented product and we call it our UVPE (Ultra Violet Pathogen Elimination) technology.

UVPE Technology
Significant improvement of the air quality in air conditioning installations (HVAC)
  • Significant improvement of air quality within air conditioning plant (HVAC)
  • UVPE Technology, no chemicals, non-polluting and no ozone.
  • Highly efficient thru patented light source setup, reflector technology and modular design
  • >99% elimination of moulds, bacteria and viruses
  • High intensity prevents mutations from forming
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