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Modularity offers endless possibilities

A Duracell battery is THE example for an standardized product with unparalleled diversity towards practical applications (toys, electronics, machines etc.) without the user needing to know in detail its inner workings. Air quality equals electricity as an need to have at its disposal without needing to think to heavily about it.

VIROBUSTER® recognized this wish at an early stage and reacted by introducing Modularity. A standardized module that produces the correct, safe and purified air without hassle and
using it when needed. As with the Duracell battery the capacity can be increased by combining multiple modules.

The advantages of Modularity at a glance :
  • Standardized (validated) module for every application
  • High air volumes possible
  • No customer specific design, only standardized concepts
  • Incorporation during construction and retro-fit into existing installations possible
  • Stand-alone availability, without the need incorporate in existing installations
  • Minimal thermal influence on passing air. Heat expelled by external convection
  • Flexible positioning (centralized, de-centralized)
  • Modules can be fitted with an optional fan and valve, and act as an HVAC system independently from an existing HVAC system
  • All pressure hierarchy concepts (positive pressure, flush, negative pressure, exhaust, LAF and dilution) possible
  • Day and night mode possible by deactivating unused modules (energy conservation)
  • “Safe change” possible : maintaining systems without interrupting supply to user
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